Join us on the show next week, when we’ll be getting a new dog… and making it fight the old one.

Fast and Loose 1.8

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do u ever start typing a text post and think “wow just shut the fuck up” to yourself

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i went to town last night and actually really enjoyed myself, i even got cute guy’s number after chickening out in the club and finding him on the high street later 

only problem was the shots we had and they did not mix with the rum and cokes and now I feel really ill

yeah it totally counts as colour coordination if my nails, necklace and earrings match 


What isn’t cultural appropration:

• Trying/eating/making a culture’s food
• Listening to that culture’s music
• Watching that culture’s movies
• Reading that culture’s books
• Appreciating that culture’s art
• Wearing that culture’s clothing IF in a setting…

I’m a member in the ‘why bother’ generation myself

It’s such a nice day and I’m becoming disillusioned with the jazz age as a whole. Or Rosie is feeling bored again

Pump Up The Volume (1990)


can we just take a moment to appreciate David O’Doherty’s website?

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Me Everyday

goes into a films tag

sees multiple reposts and we heart its of the same overused quote that dosen’t represent the film at all and usually romanticizes the problematic parts of the film i.e. depression, unhealthy relationships, eating disorders ect

feels the need to log out forever



thanks darlene for being my style icon

I once spent hours trying to find this t shirt on the internet
“It’s like when Doctor Who fans think they’re being nerdy. You’re not, it’s the biggest show on television. That doesn’t make you nerdy.”